Durability in all climate conditions

High quality - Made in Europe

Travel, explore, enjoy

This is our moto when it comes to building of roof top tents. While tent is just a "place to sleep" when traveling, it is important that it gives you practicality and durability so you can enoy your traveling, knowing that you always have reliable shelter, for all weather conditions. So, go to travel, explor and enjoy... Roof top tent is our concern.

- CEO Terra Campus d.o.o.

Advanced fabric technology

Tent canvas made by the newest technology. Impregnated with hydrophobic and fungicide compounds. Extremly durable, breathable, and lightweight fabric, for your comfort in any climate conditions.

LED lighting

Tent is equipped with low energy consumption LED lights and exterior LED to light up the ladder for safer climbing during the night. 


USB & 12 V charging pannel

Tent is equipped with 2 USB plugs for charging your phone or Ipad + 12 V plug for other gadgets. Tent is connected through your car's battery. It also has display for car's battery remaining charge.   


Strong and lightweight materials

To get best ratio between weight and durability we used only high quality materials to keep the weight low as possible, but still providing rigid and strong frame and base.